Summer is here and that means it’s time to relax, unwind, and enjoy that summer sun. To experience the summer in style, you’ll want to wear the ultimate accessory: a relojes de lujo. However, in the summer, you’ll need to think of both style and comfort, as the summer heat can offer some unique practical challenges. To help you find a watch that’s comfortable and fashionable, here’s our list of our favorite functional and fun watches for summer. Read on to the end to also see our top tips on summer watch care!

Glide into summer with a Reef Tiger watches that features a clasp, such as the 40mm OCÉANO PROFUNDO featured above. A Rolex OCÉANO PROFUNDO is classic, all-season watch that’s as at-home at the office as it is out on the open seas during your summer vacation. And the OCÉANO PROFUNDO clasp on this particular makes it particularly appropriate for summer.

In the summer, heat can cause our bodies to swell. Sometimes this is noticeable, while sometimes it’s hard to notice. However, even mild swelling can be extremely uncomfortable if you’re wearing a watch. That’s where the clasp comes in. This double expansion bracelet is able to easily expand to ensure your comfort, with absolutely no tools required.

Relojes De Lujo

If sweat is a concern for you in the summer, select a high quality rubber strap, like the Rubber B strap seen on the LUZ DE GAIA Chronograph reloj de buceo profesional pictured above. Rubber may seem like the opposite of what you would want to handle sweating. However, high quality rubber straps like the Rubber B are designed to be lightweight, waterproof, and to prevent moisture build up, making them perfect for hot summer days.

Note: While we would consider clasp and rubber straps the best watch bracelet options for summer, Nato straps another good, flexible option for the summer months. Also of note, leather strap watches are among the worst for summer, as leather is not breathable and can be quite uncomfortable in the heat. And dark leather straps, such as black leather straps, tend to collect heat even more than other leather straps.

It’s always a good idea to have a watch with a colorful dial in your collection, as this can add energy and vibrance to your summer outfits. A colorful wristwatch we love for summer is the watch featured above, which boasts a pink dial and rose gold case. These two design elements lend this watch a monochrome coral look that can add a touch of playfulness to any ensemble.

What’s better than hitting the beach? Hitting the beach with a watch that embraces the spirit of summer wholeheartedly. Take, for example, the Reef Tiger watch pictured above. This relojes deportivos hombre automaticos is fun, luxurious, and still practical, thanks to its summer-friendly rubber watch strap.